A downloadable game

A precursor to Cricket brought to the UK by the Navy, commemorated at Now Play This by digging out of the archives for a playthrough at Now Play This 2017! Originally said to have been played by tribes along the riverside to pass the time, using the leaf base and stalk (petiole) of coconut leaves and soft coir balls made from the fibers of the coconut fruit. (Not!)

Version played at Now Play This 2017:

  • 1.The game is played between two teams of 3-4 each. And a referee.
  • 2.Both teams must take turns assuming the two roles, Hunters and Prey. Only a single player is in play as prey in each round. When all the player's in that team have had their round as prey, the roles are switched.
  • 3.The prey's objective is to escape to safety by hitting the ball out of the play area. If they do, they gain a point.
  • 4.The prey has a stick to defend itself from the hunter's attack.
  • 5.The hunters attack by throwing a ball at the prey.
  • 6.If the ball hits the prey, it's dead and the hunters gain a point.
  • 7.If the ball rolls out of the play area, the prey is safe and they gain a point.
  • 8.All players can run and position themselves when the ball is not in possession of a hunter (in the air/rolling on the ground). All players must stop as soon as the referee blows a whistle (can be self regulated).
  • 9.The hunter in possession of the ball can now pass the ball to another hunter or try to attack the prey.
  • 10.At the start of each round the Hunter's position themselves and then the prey enters the ring.
  • 11.The play area should ideally be around 20x20 meters for teams of 3-4 each.
  • 12.Use a soft foam dodgeball and a soft foam or plastic bat for safety.